Public Spaces

Tens of millions of tourists visit
public spaces each year

Chargerback helps you return
items they leave behind

Its been a long day...
Sometimes tourists visit many venues on a given day and it is very frustating trying to remember which venue they left their umbrella. Your staff has to spend time helping them track down their missing valuables. This take time reporting, searching, and even paying to have them returned.

With Chargerback, you can streamline and automate large parts of your venue's lost and found process, greatly simplifying the inventorying and returning lost and found items. Patrons can report their lost items right on your venue's website using the Chargerback embedded IFRAME form. Then staff can utilize the service to quickly match lost item reports with items found on your property, and easily notify the patron via email about the current status of their reported item. The patron can then arrange pickup or shipment by responding to the prompts in the email.

By making it easy for the patron to self-report a lost item, you can avoid significant work on the part of your staff. By making it easy for the out-of-town patron to pay a nominal fee to have the item mailed to them, you can also avoid paying the costs yourself.

With Chargerback return rates can easily be 90% or more, while the effort required by your staff can be cut in half.You can learn more about Chargerback on our Overview and How It Works pages.

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Did you know?

The most common lost items in public venues are clothing and small personal items.

The Chargerback® Lost and Found Solution is protected by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,367,527