Restaurant Industry

The only thing diners should
leave behind is a tip

Chargerback helps you get lost
items back to your diners

Keep your staff focused on the food

You work hard to make your restaurant the best it can be, and you want your guests to leave happy. If something is accidentally left behind that distracts your staff it can leave your guest with a bad taste in their mouth.

With Chargerback, you can streamline and largely automate your restaurant's lost and found process, greatly simplifying the inventorying and returning lost and found items. Diners can report their lost items right on your restaurant's website using the Chargerback embedded IFRAME form. Then restaurant staff can utilize the service to quickly match lost item reports with items found on your property, and easily notify the guest via email about the current status of their reported item.

By making it easy for the diner to self-report a lost item, you can avoid significant work on the part of your staff. By making it easy for the diner to pay a nominal fee to have the item mailed to them, you can also avoid paying the costs yourself.You can learn more about Chargerback on our Overview and How It Works pages.

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Did you know?

The most common items left behind in restaurants are: cell phones, sunglasses, wallets, and jewelry.

The Chargerback® Lost and Found Solution is protected by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,367,527