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Read how Chargerback has enhanced the lost and found process at these businesses

Hotel Atlantis Spa and Resort, Reno NV

Silver Legacy Resort And Casino, Reno NV

ElDorado Resort And Casino, Reno NV

Hotel Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA

Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, Topeka, KS

John Q. Hammons Hotels & Resorts

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Read how Chargerback has reunited lost items with their owners

Thank you so much for sending my daughters favorite cup back!

- Debbie D.
A guest of Holiday Inn Express and Suites Geneva

Great job found, contacted and shipped by afternoon

- Susan C.
A passenger of American Airlines

Many, many thanks. We are very appreciative.

- Jimmy C.
A passenger of American Airlines

Thank you for the quick action. If not then I would've purchased another one for $200. Glad I flew AA.

- Raymond B.
A passenger of American Airlines

This service is INCREDIBLE! I lost an $800 dental appliance, and they found it after 2 weeks of it being lost, and they mailed it back to me! I am so grateful for this service!

- Bettina D.
A guest of Embassy Suites Murfreesboro

Great service. Thanks to Daydra (spelling?) and the rest of the lost and found team for so quickly locating and returning my wife's coat.

- Gerald F.
A passenger of American Airlines

I was thrilled with the promptness and courtesy in retrieving my forgotten item in the hotel. I applaud The Venetian for taking care of this problem so easily for me.

- Joe M.
A guest of Venetian Palazzo Resort and Sands Expo

I am SO impressed with the efficiency of your service and so hugely delighted to be getting my hat back. I bought it in a market in Goa, India - so it has travelled very far already and i was so sad that it might have been lost. Well done everyone for reuntiing me with it. A million thank yous.

- Henrietta J.
A guest of Beaver Creek Resort

You are the best! You did a great job beyond expectation! Thank you!

- Rachel R.
A passenger of United Airlines

Excellent communication and service. Forgotten item arrived quickly and well packaged. Thank you!

- Kenneth W.
A guest of The Palms Hotel and Spa

Thanks so much for finding my lost wallet and all the communication. I really appreciate your prompt action shipping my wallet.

- Laura M.
A passenger of American Airlines

Total awesome! So appreciative of the staff on phone, those who clean plane and found my iPad. United is my carrier of choice .... and that will never change. The iPad had pics of my parents which not sure I could replace. To the team at United - thank you!!!!

- Janice B.
A passenger of United Airlines

I was so very pleased that TI has thought through the lost and found process. It was easy to use, I was provided with the information I needed, and speaking with Jennifer was a most pleasant experience. Great mix of technology and excellent customer service!

- Bruce P.
A guest of Treasure Island

I want to thank all the staff of castaway. They found my daughter's ring They were professional. I received the ring yesterday. Thank you so much

- Claudia S.
A guest of Cedar Point

lost my Kindle and American found it. great customer service!

- Mike L.
A passenger of American Airlines

I was very impressed by this service. I got regular updates after submitting the claim, and customer service was excellent when my item was located. This definitely made my day, thanks very much!!!

- Simon Y.
A passenger of United Airlines

Thank you! Your communication and process to recover a lost item was excellent. I am very grateful.

- Christopher B.
A passenger of United Airlines

I wasn't sure where I lost my glasses so to get an email stating they were found was great. And you tracked me down. Thank you

- Lisa S.
A guest of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

Great process - super thorough and quick! 'Chargerback.com' found my lost important items within hours of submitting a request!!!

- Penny S.
A guest of Harrahs and Harveys Lake Tahoe

Excellent service! I received my jacket yesterday which is within 3 days. Please convey my appreciation to your staff especially the cleaning staff who returned my jacket. I will also plan to make my comments on TripAdvisor

- Bonny L.
A guest of Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

This was the greatest thing I have ever done. Amazing Service guys. Honestly. A life saver.

- Michael C.
A guest of MGM National Harbor

Thank you for your service! We lost a bag during the checkout process. It contained our children's bedtime stuffed animals. Your service is priceless!

- Shelbie D.
A guest of Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains PA

I am so delighted with this service - over the moon in fact!!!!Thank you so so much, I couldn't ask for more. I will recommend it to everyone I know.My iPad travelled the world New York and back again.Thanks again :)

- Alison H.
A passenger of United Airlines

Thank you so much for mailing my pillow back to me!! I love staying at The Downtown Grand, so this was just a good ending to a wonderful trip.

- Kathy L.
A guest of Downtown Grand Las Vegas

Very impressed with the speed and honesty of those who cleaned the plane and found my lost items. Well done!

- Thomas W.
A passenger of United Airlines

What i thoght was lost forever will be returned to me. What a great software program!! I am so pleased thank you.

- Margaret K.
A guest of Embassy Suites Loveland

Thank you so much for finding and the integrity of even the cash there; not stolen. You exceeded my expectations in assisting me. Thank you

- Susan B.
A passenger of American Airlines

I am so greatful for your service in the recover of my lost wallet, thank you so much.

- John C.
A passenger of United Airlines

You guys are really amazing I lost my phone in six flags last time Then you guys help me to find it And this time I lose my wallet in casino or hotel you guys still can find it Thank you you guys so much

- Samantha H.
A guest of Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

I can't thank you enough for your prompt customer service. You are the best!!

- Sharon L.
A guest of Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

Fantastic service! I was very impressed with Wynn and the wonderful, helpful Staff and the Chargeback services.

- Carol D.
A guest of Wynn Las Vegas

Excellent service. While I didn't have much hope about getting the iPad back, the united and Frankfurt lost and found teams found the iPad in a very expeditious manner. The website to log the lost item was simple and so was the subsequent interactions with the team and payments. Thanks very much !!

- Ramanathan K.
A passenger of United Airlines

Thank you for your simple and efficient system for retrieving lost items! The communication and speed is most appreciated!! Thank you!

- Joyce Z.
A passenger of United Airlines

I received my lost items in tact today! Nothing broken or stolen and for that I am grateful for people who value honesty and integrity!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and you pulled through to deliver my precious items back to me!! Gratitude!

- Kali H.
A passenger of United Airlines

Thank you for a fantastic service. My phone made it from Vegas to Ireland!!!! I got my precious messages from my recently deceased dad back. I can't tell you how much that means. I can't recommend you guys highly enough. Everywhere should have a chargerback!!!

- Helen W.
A guest of Bellagio

Thank you very much!I was very happy to see that someone had found it.You guys are the best!

- James B.
A passenger of United Airlines

Amazing fast service! I greatky appreciate you guys locating and shipping me my dress it means the world to me.

- Desaray S.
A guest of Westgate Resort and Casino

Thank you so much. I thought that this was gone forever. I will be coming back to the Rio. Hats off.

- Michael H.
A guest of Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino

I'm very impressed that you found and have shipped my Kindle. I just assumed it was gone. Thanks.

- David E.
A passenger of American Airlines

This is a structured yet simple process to assist in the recovery of items left or in hotel rooms or lost on the premises. The hotel staff was very helpful in assisting us with the recovery of the forgotten items. The Chargerback website is intuitive and easy to use. Although we would certainly prefer not to use them again, I'm sure this wasn't the last time something gets left behind!

- Kelly D.
A guest of Embassy Suites Grapevine

Great lost and found service. So improved from past experiences. Go United!!!!

- Kathryn K.
A passenger of United Airlines

Absolutely the best recovery system i have ever delt with Two thumbs up

- Michele O.
A guest of Six Flags Over Texas

Thank you so much for finding my lost article. I really had no hope of getting it back. I am really grateful for your service, which was much more efficient than I have ever experienced with airlines.

- William B.
A passenger of United Airlines

Got my lost item back! Your system worked great for me - easy to use and the reply from Hilton was prompt. Thank you!

- Marilyn A.
A guest of Hilton Ft. Collins

Thank you so much for the excellent service. I lost my Kindle Monday, and it was back in my hands Thursday. So happy to see it!

- Nancy H.
A passenger of United Airlines

I am very satisfied with the service that was given to me after I left my iPad on one of the planes during my recent trip. I received it back in a timely manner and without any issues. Thank you very much for United's efforts and policies to ensure the return of items lost.

- Judy L.
A passenger of United Airlines

You all are amazing - 5 minutes from submission to solution. Truly exceptional service. Cannot thank you enough!

- Michael L.
A passenger of United Airlines

This is my first smart phone and I have only had it a few months. I had little hope that it would be found. Thank you, thank you so much for the services you offer.

- Lori F.
A guest of Hershey Park

Your service was very helpful caring and efficient... A real Class Act.

- Donna F.
A guest of Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

My item was located within a few hours of my report and I received it in 2 business days. The whole process was simple worked wonderfully.

- Mike S.
A passenger of United Airlines

I was skeptic at first since I had never heard of such a service but I'm a believer now. I appreciate the very fast recovery and shipment of my items. I'm so happy I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars in replacing my forgotten items. Thank Sherton Grand management and Chargerback.com!

- Diego L.
A guest of Sheraton Grand

I am SOOOOO thankful that you found my surface pro....you have truly made our day, week, month, and year. God Bless, Kim

- Kim S.
A passenger of American Airlines

Ya'll are awesome!! Thanks so much!

- Karen M.
A passenger of Colorado Mountain Express

Absolutely outstanding service. I resigned myself to the loss of my Kindle. You found it and are sending it back to me. Thanks very much.

- John B.
A passenger of United Airlines

United airlines is more than I could have hoped for. THANK YOU so much.

- Margaret B.
A passenger of United Airlines

You guys are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much guys you saved 5 years of my work by finding my computer.

- Stephan M.
A passenger of United Airlines

Thank you for your honesty and for this great service. It is so commendable, and appreciated. THANK YOU.

- Susan C.
A guest of WDW Swan and Dolphin Resort

Great service easy to use, Much needed service.

- Ken L.
A guest of Embassy Suites NW Arkansas

Quick, efficient, excellent service.

- Paul C.
A passenger of United Airlines

My suitcase arrived in perfect condition at 12:30 today, and I cannot say enough about how great this service is. The ladies in charge of housekeeping at Spinnaker Resorts were friendly, efficient, patient in explaining the process, and made me feel like a valued customer rather than some thoughtless forgetful person who made them go to a lot of trouble. They did a fine job making our unit clean and tidy, and they did a fantastic job of recovering my belongings and sending them to me. Highest praise!

- Louise B.
A guest of Spinnaker Resorts Hilton Head

WOW, What GREAT service! I just received my lost Cell Phone in the mail, Thanks to your superb system. I really appreciate the super service.

Thanks again.

- Jeff A.
A guest of Carowinds

This is the best lost and found that I have ever experienced. Thank you

- Steve B.
A guest of Great Wolf Lodge Southern California

I wanted to write you because I am still in shock about your finding my kindle and returning it to me - 3 years after I left it on a flight.

I had received the kindle as a gift from my then-boyfriend (now husband) for Christmas and accidentally left it on a flight to Frankfurt in 2011. I filed a lost item report at the time, and well, didn’t expect to ever hear back. After years and years of travel (I’ve logged over 1,000,000 air miles over the last 30 years), I have NEVER once had an airline return something that I left behind.

The email today from United shocked me (I honestly thought it could be a scam and sent it to some airlines friends who confirmed it was legitimate) - and I was even more surprised when I called the Chargerback number and got through right away to you. Thank you so much for renewing my faith in airline service - I shared my story today with the former CEO of Continental Airlines and he was surprised and impressed by all of this. I will continue to share this story (as I started below on facebook today) for a long, long time.

- Nell L.
A passenger of United Airlines

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for your help and guidance, the Lost & Found system at Jay Peak works! I was there for a March Break ski trip with my family a few weeks ago and left my Oakley prescription glasses in the gym one morning and didn't realize until late that evening that I didn't have them. I very skeptically filled out the online form and figured they were gone and I wouldn't see them again... was I wrong! I just received them back today in perfect condition.

I'll be sure to add this to the list of reasons why everyone should go to Jay skiing! Have a great rest of the season, I'll be back again next year for March Break.

- Rich P.
A guest of Jay Peak Resort

This is the first time in over 15 years of flying with United that I have left something on the plane. I am very impressed with this program and I am deeply appreciative of the honesty of United employees for turning in our lost item. Thank You.

- Donald P.
A passenger of United Airlines

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