What do we need to get started?
Any internet enabled device with a web browser.
What is the contract term?
There is no contract term or minimum monthly volume required.
Do we need to purchase any software or hardware?
No. Chargerback is 100 percent cloud-based; there is no software to download, making setup quick and easy.
Do we need to make any changes to our internal systems?
No, but it would be helpful to provide a link on your website for customers to easily report missing items.
How much does it cost our company to use ChargerBack?
There are no set up costs or processing costs to use Chargerback. In fact, we pay you to use our system! Each month, we send you a monthly rebate check for every shipment you process using our system.
How does our customer know we have their property?
After they log their lost item into the system, it is matched by date found, room number or area, and description. Customers are notified via email as soon as their item has been found.
Is the ChargerBack system secure?
Yes, our platform is password protected. In addition, all credit card transactions are secure using the latest SSL technology.
How is the customer charged to have their lost items returned to them?
Customers are charged for the shipping and handling charges.
How does the customer track the return of their property?
Chargerback automatically provides email notifications during the entire process. Email notices include: receipt of an item reported missing, verification the item was found and the USPS tracking number when the item is shipped.
The Chargerback® Lost and Found Solution is protected by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,367,527