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Chargerback is the easiest and most
effective way to turn "lost" into "found"

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Happier guests with less effort.

Turn 'lost' into 'found' more than twice as often for less than half the effort.

It's a fact, people on the move lose things. Did you know in the US it has been reported:

  • nearly 60,000,000 phones are lost each year?
  • 46,000,000+ items are left in hotels each year?
  • 10,000+ lost items are collected by a single US airline each month?
  • 12,000+ laptops are lost each week just in airports?
  • 70+ items are lost on average at each and every major sporting event?

You work hard to ensure your guests have a great experience, but you've probably seen the frustration, even panic, when they've lost something they care about. Unfortunately, less than 10% of lost items are usually returned to their owners, and that can have a negative impact not only on the guest, but also their perception of you.

That's why Chargerback exists. Businesses that use Chargerback can cut in half the time their staff spends on lost and found, and yet average over a 90% return rate when guests self-report a lost item.

Chargerback helps streamline and automate the entire lost and found process.

We've developed an easy to use, integrated, lost and found system that:

  • generates update emails to both your staff and the guest
  • generates pre-paid shipping labels to return the item to the guest
  • makes it easier for guests to self-report lost items
  • makes it easier for staff to match those reports with items that have been turned in

Best of all, it is FREE to your business, requires no software to be installed, and includes free training your staff can access anytime. We even provide a form you can easily add to your website allowing guests to self-report lost items.

Chargerback removes risk, it’s your PCI compliant solution.

Chargerback places security and integrity first. Our compliance with robust industry standards is unmatched and you can rest assured that we take your business seriously.

With our groundbreaking solution there is no need for staff to record or collect payment information from the customer to return their lost item. This removes a burden of risk that properties should not need to worry about when delivering top notch customer service.

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People lose millions of items every year...
Chargerback is the solution to this huge problem.

Turn lost into found

The Chargerback® Lost and Found Solution is protected by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,367,527